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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


(Academic) Crowd Funding; The Impact of Social Media on Independent Filmmaking

(Australia) ScreenWest teams up with crowd-funding site Pozible

(Illinois) Berwyn artists, organizations find new source for funding: fans

(India) Filmmakers Onir and Sanjay Suri resort to crowd funding for Chauranga

(Korea)  Han Hye-jin, Jin Goo’s “26 Years” kickstarts with social funding

Rumanian boy, 11, goes crowd-funding for a place in UK music school

(USA) Comics Accelerator provides an Alternative to Kickstarter for Digital Publishing


How to crowdsource your next marketing project

FOSS / FLOSS  / F/OSS / Libre

Free Software Foundation Europe UK Team  Once again we’ll be at this year’s # – now in # Find all sorts of info and merchandise at the FSFE booth http://uk.fsfe.org

game structuring software

With German FAT patent ruling, Microsoft scores third court victory over Google in as many months

Open Access

(European Union)  Research Funders Signal Support for Open Access Publishing

(Illinois) Possibilities and questions remain on Big Broadband

(Washington) Governor Gregoire celebrates state broadband expansion

(Washington) Gregoire hails expansion of broadband internet access in rural Mid-Columbia

(UK) Research: Open access to boost innovation

(USA) Going for Gold in Open-Access Publishing?

Open Cloud

Cisco Touts Its Cloudy Open Future – Will VMware Do The Same?

Citrix’s Hinkle Proposes Linux Model for an Open Source Cloud

Cloud failures highlight the need for open standards and better planning

My Top Five Sessions at the CloudOpen Conference

Open Culture

500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Face to Face with Carl Jung: ‘Man Cannot Stand a Meaningless Life’

Open Source Buddhism with Al Jigong Billings

Open Data

Firms urged to tap into £16bn data market

Improving Open Government Outcomes

Is open data a good thing?

Open Data Tools

Open Democracy

Brian Mefford, Executive Director of the Committee for Open Democracy, meets with UCCA

Open Democracy public debate: Culture, liberty and London after the Olympics: 10 September 2012 @cafeOTO http://t.co/nkhOcM8m

Open Design

Open Source Design lecture at the European Innovation Academy 2012, Tallinn

ZWCAD Design Unveils More Additions to ZWCAD+

Open Education

500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Free Online Educational Courses

Survey request: Society of Biology’s Open Education Resources Project


Many Cisco carrier customers planning SDNs

Open Governance / Open Government

(Rhode Island) Analysis: RI overhauls open records

(California) School Boards Can’t Take Advantage of Looser Rules on Open Government

(Massachusetts)  AG: Town council violated Open Meeting Law

(Russia) Open Government Will Accelerate in Russia

Russia’s Putin, Medvedev to see UK PM at Games

Ukraine Makes Another Step Toward Transparency

Open Hardware

Basic Hardware Inventory gets the system info you need

Open Hardware Monitor 0.5.1 Beta

Richard Hughes on ColorHug and being an open hardware vendor

Open Innovation

Adobe’s Open Innovation Concept and the Impact of Open Reach Development

Can Open Innovation Speed Up Drug Development?

Civic Engagement and Open Innovation: Engaging Stakeholders in 2012

Open Journalism

Five open source RSS readers to simplify news gathering

London 2012 Olympics blog + Open journalism

Open Knowledge

Running an open Knowledge Cafe near Oxford

Social media spotlight shines on London Olympics

Open Media

(Malaysia)  Open Media forges ahead

Open Meetings

(Georgia)  School calendar group to meet 3 times in August

(Michigan) Detroit financial stability plan opponents lose, win in court

N.J. high court: Rutgers board violated open-meetings laws

(New Mexico) Santa Fe takes back vote on halting fluoridation

Open Records

Alleged Batman shooter’s school records withheld

Colorado judge bans release of suspect’s university records

James Holmes’ School Records: University Of Colorado Barred From Releasing Aurora Suspect’s Info

Report Finds Flawed Open Records Laws Impede Efforts to Tackle Government Corruption

Students agree on open records issues

Open Science

Benchwork in the age of open science

Do you practice open science in your OR research? Why (not)?

Open Infrastructures for Open Science

PSU hosts first Open Science Conference held in US

Open Security

First Flex release from within Apache incubator

OpenBSD founder calls Red Hat and Canonical ‘traitors’ to open source

Security Flaws Found in ADS-B Air Traffic Control System

Open Skies

Open Skies and Code Shares Nitty Gritty

Open Society

Constructing an open society

Mozambique may avoid mistakes by US: OSF

More on Preventing Harm to Civilians

Open Software

BonitaSoft Reports Record Growth Through First Half of 2012

Can NoSQL Databases Cure Us of Software Complexity?

Five open source RSS readers to simplify news gathering

New Android Jelly Bean Source Code Released for Open Source Project

Open Hardware Monitor 0.5.1 Beta

Open source [software] for MBAs: A primer

Parse Shows Off Anypic, The Open Source Instagram Clone That Took 30 Minutes To Build

Open Standards

Cloud failures highlight the need for open standards and better planning

ShoreTel’s Latest Release Supports Open Standards for UC

True Cost

(Australia) Nightmare on Reality Street: The true cost of owning your own home


2012 Women of Quora Unconference Organizing Board

et4ol unconference in Las Vegas – teaching with emerging technologies


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