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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


As deadline nears, crowd-funding pitch for news stories falling short

Crowd Funding Needed for new Shbib Film

Crowd-investing has startups excited, but uncertainty still surrounds it

Lunatics is now Crowd-Funding for a Pilot Episode

The KickStarter Smart Watch Bubble


A Crowdsourcing Win

Allstate workers, agency owners to crowdsource new auto product plan

An ambitious film is casting anyone as the lead

Crowdsourcing: How Do You Make Dark Lipstick Look Good?

Crowdsourcing Team Assists in Climber Search

Life’s meaning? Project crowdsources the big question

Outsourcing To Crowdsourcing

ScreenWest teams up with crowd-funding site Pozible

Student Turns to Crowd Sourcing to Pay Boarding School Tuition

Usage based insurance put to the test by Allstate employees

VIDEO Crowdsourcing The Meaning of Life

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Open source model disrupts the commercial drone business


25-28 July 2012 The International Free Software Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil

31 August Deadline Publishing in the RP special issue on Open Innovation

15-20 Oct 2012 Beijing, Nanjing and Wuxi OW2 Week


25-28 July 2012 The International Free Software Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil

E-meter software for Android phone gets 4,000 downloads

In Rural Developing Regions, Free Software Turns Simple Mobile Phones into Tools of Advancement

Open Access

DfID Joins Open Access Trend; Who’s Next?

‘Fix tariff for minimum 3 years’; Centre has already decided to offer open access to power consumers

Open Cloud

Adventures in Deploying Private PaaS in the Cloud (OSCON 2012)

Amazon Rules the Cloud, But the Best Supported Platform Can Still Win

Can open source save HP?

Open Code

Money can’t buy open-source love… only code can

Open Culture

Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday with Song. Daniel Radcliffe Sings Tom Lehrer’s Tune, The Elements.

Open Culture

Open Data

(UK) DFID’s open data policy good news for India

(US)  Why data should be our guiding light on public policy

(WB) Big data for development: Beyond Transparency

Open Democracy

Failing to take far right violence seriously

Open Education

“Why Open Education Matters?” Check Out the Video Winners


High hopes for [Software-Defined Networking] SDN revolution

Is Software-defined Networking the Democratization of Data?

SDN? Try VDN — ‘Vendor Defined Networking’

Open Governance / Open Government

(California) Batti: Open government is the law

(New York) Analysis: Cuomo at a crossroads on open government

(Oklahoma) Oklahoma gets F on open government survey

(South) What model for the south?

Open Hardware

New Open-Source KeyMod Universal Mounting System by Vltor

OSCON Attendees Focused on Web Development, Open Hardware and Mobile

Will or Can “Open Hardware” replace Capitalism, or at least be the leading drive for people to continue living instead of making just money?

Open Innovation

31 August Deadline Publishing in the RP special issue on Open Innovation

Insights on Open Innovation

Ohio Third Frontier Awards $3 Million to Kent State University

Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Research Resources

Open Journalism

Infographic designers enter the Olympics in a spirit of co-operation

Open Meetings

(Illinois) Bernard Schoenburg: Board member reluctant to talk to media

(Louisiana)  Conference calls between BESE members, superintendent appear to violate open meetings law

(Pennsylvania) DA advised CB school board to be more open

Utah Senators say it’s time for ALEC to be more open

Open Records

(Colorado) Judge orders media open records request to be addressed Monday

(Colorado) Judge suppresses Holmes’ uni records

(Oklahoma) Oklahoma gets F on open government survey

(Pennsylvania) Aliquippa Violates Open Records Act

(Pennsylvania) Wagner: Penn State Should Be Subject To Open Records Law

Open Science

Do you have science we can help with?

Open Security

Open Source Defends Against Cyberattacks

Security Researchers and Open Source Gurus [NopSec]

Open Skies

Open source model disrupts the commercial drone business

Stay of execution for CY

Open Society

(Australia) About The Project: Open Society Justice Initiative Partnership

(Virginia) If this is a free and open society, police must permit recording of their public actions.

Open Software

CUPS 1.6 arrives with native Bonjour support

Open-source components of Sparrow now available for download

Wayland 0.95.0 brings API stabilisation

Open Textbooks

College Open Textbooks Community

True Cost

One Tree Hill and me: the true cost of renting your home to a hit TV show

The True Cost of Coal


AdaCamp DC: A learning environment for women in open source

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