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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


(Pennsylvania) Yardley business reaches out to web community for funding


[Crowd Leader: Shay Har-Noy] Traffic is Awesome!

Crowd Sourcing Financial Solutions to Hunger: What Will the Policy Outcome Be?

Crowdsourcing for InfoSec

Innovation and Crowdsourcing with DARPA’s Dan Kaufman


15-16th September, Hebden Bridge, UK Open Source Hardware Camp,

7-9 Nov 2012 San Francisco Open Mobile Summit

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

Are You Wasting Money By Purchasing Microsoft Office?

Free open-source software: My take on its inexorable rise

FSFE wants to better protect free software licenses from bankruptcy

New issue of the FSF Bulletin is on its way to our membershttp://ur1.ca/9uwp8 !fsf !gnu !lp !dbd

LibreOffice 3.6.0 RC4

LibreOffice skips to 3.6.0 release candidate 4

Ministry issues free anti-porn software in response to censorship demands [Jordan Times, The]

Richard Stallman pours cold water on Steam

Your free software website, for dummies

Open Access

Be Broadband explains support of open internet code

Elsevier Launches New Open Access Journal: Applied and Translational Genomics

Free access to UK aid-funded research

MTG acquires Swedish FTTH open access communications operator

MTG to acquire 80% stake of Zitius Service Delivery from Quadracom

New Mobile Developer Programs from SAP Provide Open Access for Developers to Build B2B and B2C Apps

U of W takes a digital test drive

Open Business

Open Business Principle 2: Open Capital

The Principles of Open Business: Principle 2 – Open Capital

Open Capital

Open Business Principle 2: Open Capital

The Principles of Open Business: Principle 2 – Open Capital

Open Cloud

Why Cloud Computing Needs To – And Will – Go Open Source

Open Communication

Tag Archives: open communication

Open Culture

Open Culture Presents In A Hot Dim Lit Cafe The Sprinkle Genies Do Hoboken

The Strawberry Fields Forever Demos: The Making of a Beatles Classic (1966)

Open Data

Graz Seeks Local Open Data Engagement

Open Data Group Founder Interviewed by WashingtonExec

Ordnance Survey provides expertise internationally

Transforming Data Into a Powerful Tool

US government releases API for census data

Where next for open data?

Open Democracy

Fox News Contributor Headlines Fundraiser for Committee for Open Democracy

Open Design


Open Education

Professional Workforce Readiness & Information Literacy: Open Education Resources


Avior, Open Source Floodlight GUI Released

Network Innovation Award: NEC ProgrammableFlow; OpenFlow networking

OFELIA 2nd Open Call for OpenFlow Experiments Success and New Partners

Pocket POX: Taking your OpenFlow controller with you

Open Geospatial

The evolution of open mobile geocomputing

Open Governance / Open Government

Analysis: Cuomo at crossroads on open gov’t

Dixon city leaders to talk water, open government — again

Government to be more open in Dewey

Government Watchdog Group Puts Elected Official's Financial Disclosures Online

Griffo appoints Rome Sentinel publisher to Committee on Open Government

Medvedev creates commission to coordinate Open Government

Mobile participatory budgeting helps raise tax revenues in Congo

Open government advocates welcome court ruling

Open government resolution passes 5-0 in Solana Beach

Open Hardware

15-16th September, Hebden Bridge, UK Open Source Hardware Camp,

Open Innovation

CALL FOR INNOVATORS! HEINEKEN Ideas Brewery Launches the Draught Beer Challenge

Product Licensing in the Era of Open Innovation

Sharing “open innovation” risks and rewards

User (and open) innovation: three days in Boston

Open Knowledge

WordPress rolls out new widgets for bloggers

Open Maps

A Map to Nowhere

Open Manufacturing

15-16th September, Hebden Bridge, UK Open Source Hardware Camp,

Open Materials

Catarina Mota on the Open Materials Movement

Open Media

Help build the WTR community

Journalism school, communications center open media information lab

Open Meetings

(Illinois) $66K Check Missing from VVSD Superintendent's Contract ‘Unusual,' Attorney Says

Open Mobile

7-9 Nov 2012 San Francisco Open Mobile Summit

Mobile participatory budgeting helps raise tax revenues in Congo

Open Mobile hires new CEO

The evolution of open mobile geocomputing

Open Records

(Louisiana) Transparency? Try obfuscation

(Oklahoma) Sheriff Overcharges Public

Open Repositories

Open Repositories 2012 – Day Two (minus keynote) http://zite.to/P4b0mP  #or2012 #jiscmrd

Open Science

A Map to Nowhere

Publishing in the Era of Open Science, Part 2

Open Security

Crowdsourcing for InfoSec

Open Skies

Israel, EU ink ‘open skies' deal

Open Skies Agreement Signed with EU

Shrewd move by Fernandes, looking up at ‘open skies'

Open Society

Africa: Mobile Gender Courts – Delivering Justice in the DRC

Burma’s Becoming: A Reading List

iScale Participates in IDEA Youth Forum to Support Open Society Youth Initiative in Enhancing its work to Cultivate Public Dialogue to Foster Inclusive Societies and Engaged Citizenry

Jonathan Horowitz Comments on Army Manual on Avoiding Civilian Harm

New Judge will be at Center of Struggle over Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Open Software

12 ways web browsers differentiate themselves

Amadeus launches industry-first open source framework to further innovation

Barco MOSArt Open Software Platform Now Provides Native Integration to Esterel Technologies SCADE Display

BonitaSoft Reports Record Growth Through First Half of 2012

Defcon: Will Open Source Divashark Unseat Wireshark for CTP?

Joomla Development: A Versatile Open Source CMS

Open source won

Open Textbooks

Alternate Textbooks + Engaged Students = Retention Value

True Cost

(China) The Cost Of Corruption

(Montana) Proposed coal tax would offset effects of heavier rail traffic

(USA) True cost: The CBO takes an impartial look at the health law


(You Tube 41:24)  Et4Online unconference virtual group

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