Bojan Radej: Open Innovation 2012 (European Commission)

Bojan Radej

Open Innovation 2012  . European Commission, Directorate-General for the Information Society and Media, 2012; pp 136.

The Open Innovation 2012 follows the Service Innovation Yearbook 2009–10 and the Service Innovation Yearbook 2010–11. All these yearbooks have three complementary parts: the first on policy development, the second on trends and weak signals in service innovation, and the third on cases and open innovation development in countries and regions. From this very rich content of the innovation yearbook, one can clearly see that open innovation is knowledge society’s approach to well-being and sustainable development, both societally and economically. Open innovation can be very relevant when seeking and verifying the applicability of disruptive innovation outcomes in the society. These insights from a variety of views to service innovation are hopefully very stimulating to the reader who wishes to enter the new mainstream.

Open Innovation 2012 (PDF)

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