Definitions: Crowd-Funding, Crowd-Sourcing, Crowd-Seeding


Crowd-Funding is the financial concept.  It refers to raising money from individuals, whether one or many, whether small or large amounts.  It is the social networking alternative to borrowing money from legalized crime families.

Crowd-Sourcing is the intellectual concept.  Too many commentators are confusing this with Crowd-Funding.  This refers to the full and open presentation of relevant information to many, and the elicitation from any of the many of good ideas for innovation.

Crowd-Seedingis an emerging concept, centered on the empowerment of individuals with free cell phones and free air time in order to activate them as sources of truthful timely information within  their grasp “on the ground.”  Combined with near-real-time translation and international crisis mapping, this increases the capacity to create public intelligence from public information by an order of magnitude.  See also: Patrick Meier: Crowd-Seeding – This is HUGE Advance

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