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HowTo: Using Radio2

Dave Winer was one of the first bloggers, creator of ThinkTank (early outlining program for Apple II), creator of early blogging software, creator of RSS. So it's worth paying attention to his infotention tools — Howard

“My name is Dave Winer. When I designed Radio2, I aimed to create the minimal blogging tool, one that did the least possible and still was useful. Simple yet useful, and usable.

It's for short-form blogging, the kind of stuff we do in Twitter. You're looking at a web page, and think “I want to remember this, or share this.” One click on the bookmarklet, quick — you're still in the flow of what you were doing.

The goal was to create something that has the ease of Twitter, with the open potential of blogging. There are tradeoffs, some things that Twitter will always do better, because they are an all-in-one, centralized system. But there are also many things Radio2 can do that Twitter can't, because we aren't protecting a business model.”

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