Patrick Meier: Crowd-Seeding – This is HUGE Advance

Knowledge, P2P / Panarchy
Patrick Meier

From Crowdsourcing Crisis Information to Crowdseeding Conflict Zones

“Crowdseeding brings the population (the crowd) from only A (what you get with crowdsourcing) to A+B+C+D: because you give phones & credit and you go to and inform the phoneholds about the project. So the crowd increases from A to A+B+C+D. And then from A+B+C+D one takes a representative sample. So two important benefits. And then a third: the relationship with the phone holder: stronger incentive to tell the truth, and no bad people hacking into the system.”

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To learn more about crowdsourcing as a methodology for information collection, I recommend the following three articles:

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