20120811 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


C-leveled Partners With Get The HookUp to Build SmartPhone App; Launches IndieGoGo Crowd Funding Campaign

Crair: Crowd funding opens new opportunities

Crowd funding on campus: UW scientists raise money for research online

Crowd Funding Venture Hopes To Further Space Exploration And Education

“Mumbai Cha Raja” turns to crowd funding for completion

Small business increasingly bypassing traditional loans in favor of crowdsourcing [sic]  tools like Kickstarter

Speaking of Crowd-funding, Meet Offbeatr, Which Supports Adult-Themed Projects


New media innovation contest to use crowdsourcing to determine winner

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

3XSocial Founder Don Crowther Is Giving Away Social Media Marketing Software

What Apple’s 2010 $30-per-unit licensing proposal to Samsung means for Android in 2012 and beyond

Open Source (Philosophy)

OpenStack, GitHub, OmniOS: 3 projects, 1 lesson

Top 10 signs your company doesn’t “get” open source

Open Access

Centre tells power forum to fall in line on open access

Ensuring open access for publicly funded research

Open Cloud

Intel, Chinese orgs set up China Open Source Cloud League

Open Culture

NASA Archive Collects Great Time-Lapse Videos of our Planet

Serial Entrepreneur Damon Horowitz Says “Quit Your Tech Job and Get a Ph.D. in the Humanities”

Shareable: Kicking off a Year of Open Source Everything

Open Democracy

How Government Should Interact with Developers, Data Geeks and Analysts

Open Design

Open For Design Submissions Show Coloradans Were Up To The Challenge

Open Education

Free courses from world’s top unis a swipe away in online revolution

Inspirational leaders are great teachers

Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Data and the Open Road


Brocade OpenFlow demo (YouTube)

Doubling-down on OpenFlow

Foundation Introduces New Initiatives to Accelerate Advanced Use and Deployment of Software-Defined Networking.

Open Geospatial

Comparing open source GIS implementations

Open Governance / Open Government

The New Ambiguity of “Open Government”

Open Innovation

Building sustainable partnerships for innovation

Fostering open innovation

Markku Markkula: “CoR encourages theregions to move towards open innovation

Open Innovation: The Real Work Happens Behind the Scenes

Open Life

Comparing open source GIS implementations

Open Meetings

Campbell: On many transparency issues, not much has changed in two years

Mayor Q&A: Council member Clennon looks to change how Austin does business

POLITICS: Speed of county’s top exec pick questioned

Open Mobile

Digia swoops as Nokia unloads open source Qt platform

Open-source project to get gadgets talking via the net

Open Records

Open Records Director Says State Workers Given Misinformation

Open Repositories

Mark Hedges talk on the DTC Archive at Open Repositories 2012

Open Security

ZeuS trojan increasingly targets German mTANs

Open Software

7 hidden features of bash

Azavea launches open-source crime data tool [LINKS]

BOSS: Bibliomation and Open Source Systems

Leonardo Arduino board shows at Rapid

Ouya Open Source Games Console Goes Up For Pre-order For $109

RIM Enters Gaming Biz With Cross-Platform Engine

Who’s New in Google Summer of Code 2012: Part 1

Open Standards

app.net pledge support for open standards

Microsoft Picks Another Web Standards Fight

Platforms and Open Standards

True Cost

What’s That Business Trip Really Costing You?


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