20120813 Open Source Everything Highlights

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All Opens Below Line – Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

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Crowd Funding

App.net hits $500K funding goal nearly two days early

Couple Turns to Crowd Funding to Kickstart Graphic Design Biz

Ouya ready to revitalise open-source gaming after $8.5m fundraising haul

The pleasure and pain of crowd funding


5 Ways Crowdsourcing Improves Your Content Marketing

Creating Creative Independence

Crowdsourcing to Determine Winners of New Digital Media Contest

Flag Fen hosts ‘crowdsourced’ Bronze Age archaeology dig

Game Changer: Crowdsourcing Patent Research ? An Interview with Cheryl … – Technorati

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

3XSocial Review And Bonus For Don Crowther’s Social Media Training Revealed

Apple wins exclusion of president of Samsung Telecommunications America as witness

Looking for a good free software for graphic design?

Microsoft Office Alternatives for Ubuntu Linux

Review LibreOffice 3.6 Vs OpenOffice 3.4 Vs MsOffice Vs iWorks (on Win/Mac/Linux)

Social Revolution: Crowdsourcing For Change

Supervision – A free software documentation and analysis tool for Dynamics NAV

uTorrent Updates Software to Include Ads

Vector graphics shoot-out: Inkscape v CorelDRAW

Open Source (Philosophy)

Does Open Source Threaten American Software?

The parallels between open software and open textbooks

Open Access

A Push Grows Abroad for Open Access to Publicly Financed Research

Human Embryos Frozen for 18 Years Yield Viable Stem Cells Suitable for Biomedical Research

Open access, moving to the fore

What is Open Access Publishing?

Open Architecture

Allscripts Pushes “Open Architecture”

Open Solutions DNA Wins Three Core Banking Awards from Aite Group

Open Cloud

Private Clouds Get Public Boost From Red Hat

Red Hat Announces Preview Version of Enterprise-Ready OpenStack Distribution

Open Collaboration

Wikisym 2012 Sneak Peeks!

Open Communication

Lessons from the Rothamsted wheat trial

Open Culture

George Carlin Performs His “Seven Dirty Words” Routine: Historic and Completely NSFW

Unseen Scenes from Jim Jarmusch’s 1986 Jailbreak Movie Down By Law »

Open Data

Additional GP practice-level prescribing data released by HSCIC to further aid research

Defining Open Government Data

London 2012 and data journalism: what did we learn at the Olympics?

New Chief Data Officer Mark Headd to talk open data at Hacks/Hackers [EVENTS]

Q&A With Todd Park: How The U.S. CTO Is Bridging The Digital Government Gap

Open Democracy

The failure of Lords Reform highlights the growing distortion of the UK Political Right

Open Education

Classrooms Without Walls

Open Ecosystem

Think App.net is just a Twitter clone?  Then you’re missing the point

Open Facilitation

Open Facilitation Training

Open Flow

Doubling-down on OpenFlow

Open Gaming

Ouya ready to revitalise open-source gaming after $8.5m fundraising haul

Open Governance / Open Government

Cybersecurity Tops Federal IT Priorities List

Ulster denies flood-records request

Validating Voters For Open Source Governance, In Person

What Do We Want from Open Government – and What the Heck is “Open Government”?

What’s he hiding?

Open Hardware

Open Hardware Summit 2012 Speakers

Open Source Cars? Yes it works and the cars look great

USB host shield and arduino LED flicker

Open Innovation

Ericsson Shifts from Closed to Open Innovation

Open Journals

For and Against Open Journals

Open Media

BoingBoing: The UN’s Restrictive Broadcasting Treaty is Back

GIS Open Media Interaction Service

Open Meetings

Open Meetings Law Changes Requires Public Bodies to Post Agenda on Websites

Open Plans

With new maps and apps, the case for open transit gets stronger

Open Records

Pa. Commonwealth Court to reconsider ruling on Corbett’s calendars

Open Science

Open and Shut: #OpenScience #OpenAccess #OpenData around the web

The Forever Decline: Academia’s Monograph Crisis

Open Society

Mapping Digital Media: Nigeria

Open Software

Any REAL open source alternatives to C#/MVC3?

Companies struggle to get past open source ‘big data’ experimentation

IU’s Suresh Marru invited to join Apache Software Foundation

The parallels between open software and open textbooks

Open Standards

A response to Brennan Novak

Open Textbooks

College Open Textbooks Community

The parallels between open software and open textbooks

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