20120815 Open Source Everything Highlights

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All Opens Below Line – Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

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ASIC guidance on crowd funding

Crowd-funding dark side: Sometimes investments go down drain

‘Crowd funding' operators come under ASIC scrutiny

Crowd funding proves fruitful for small and start-up businesses – Scotsman

Photographers Rejoice; Cap Gorilla Tightens Grip on Lens Cap Dilemma & Launches Funding on Kickstarter.com

Regulator looks at tangled web of crowd funding


Australian Author Uses Crowdsourcing to Raise Funds to Self Publish Book

Crowdsourcing and diplomacy in the Pacific

Crowdsourcing app rewards users for reporting illegal dumps

Crowdsourcing Brings Archeology Amateurs And Professionals Together At Flag Fen

Crowdsourcing the dictionary

‘Diabeetus’, ‘Gushing Granny’: Mountain Dew crowdsourcing goes wrong

Need an expert? Try the crowd

Poptent partners with Edelman on video crowdsourcing

Top 10 Technology Trends for Advisors and Their Partners: Pt. 10, Crowdsourcing

When Crowdsourcing Goes Horribly Wrong


10-12 October 2012  UN Workshop on Next Stage in Open Government Data: Using Data for Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

15 Must Have Linux Applications

Berkeley professor Teece, notorious for abetting FRAND abuse, to testify for Samsung on Friday

Cash-strapped students have access to free software

Colocation America Donates Dedicated Linux Server To Fedora

Free software bundle

HOWTO make a school computer lab for free with “broken” computers and free/open source software

Learn computer animation by watching free Khan Academy videos

LibreOffice 3.6 issues

LibreOffice Conference 2013 looking for a location

LibreOffice Writer can now attach comments to text ranges

Microsoft's Office 2013 ODF 1.2 support could be true catalyst for OpenOffice adoption

OpenOffice vs. LibreOffice?

The H Roundup – CDE open sourced, LibreOffice 3.6.0 and GNOME OS

uTorrent Upgrade Ads Won’t Be Intrusive To Users

Open Source (Philosophy)

Is Open Source Just for Tools And A Threat To American Software?

Kicking Off A Year Of Open Source Everything

Open Access

2012 RSuite User Conference spotlight – DITA for Publishers – 15 Aug 2012

A Push Grows Abroad for Open Access to Publicly Financed Research (The Chronicle)

JLA Open Access Issue highlights nanoprocessing research

Wiley moves toward broader open access

Open Architecture

Architecture for Humanity announce Open Architecture Challenge winners

 Open Cloud

CFOs See Value in Cloud Computing, Which Open Source Platforms Can Boost

Cloudability Demonstrates True Cost Control for Cloud CRM

Rackspace Delivers OpenStack-based Private Cloud Platform, with Support

Revealed: Limited Edition “I Fight for an Open Cloud” T-shirt

The Open Cloud Company

Open Communication

Open Communication

Open Culture

Ayn Rand (Paul Ryan’s Moral Heroine) Instructs Johnny Carson on the Virtue of Selfishness, 1967

Fandom: Open Culture Vs. Closed Platforms

The keys to a company culture that works

The Story of the Guitar: The Complete Three-Part Documentary

Open Data

Chief Data Officer Mark Headd, Philadelphia Public Interest Information founding CEO Neil Budde talk open data at Hacks/Hackers, PhillyPUG meetup

State bill would make public records easier to search

Open Democracy

Europe on the edge of recession

WikiLeaks and network-era news

Open Ecology

MARSEC-XL Welcomes Jim Jagielski as a New Council Member

Open Education

Why Open Education Matters

Open Elections

Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) Forwards $1,500 to Assist Alabama Ballot Access Lawsuit


HP hardens switches to juggle myriad virty networks

OpenFlow – The Programmable Network Revolution

[Quantum]NEC OpenFlow Plugin: Agent and Packet Filter

Open Geospatial

Achieving Interoperability

Open Governance / Open Government

Carolyn Timmann, Rick Scott's Former Open Government Chief, Wins Election in Martin County

Ithaca school board meeting stirs controversy

Open government, on the record

Trial dates set in Clinton’s lawsuit cases

Open Government Data Toolkit

10-12 October 2012  UN Workshop on Next Stage in Open Government Data: Using Data for Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration

Open Hardware

Open source desert racing cars in Arizona

Willow Garage Marries Open Source and Robots, with an Eye Toward the Future

Open Media

Nigeria: Openmedia Links Transition On ICT Solutions

Totella, an Open Media Platform, Launches in the Wake of the Hate Shooting in Wisconsin

Open Meetings

City attorney reviews Bardstown’s recent Open Meetings Act violations

Open meetings at issue Board members makes public comment as citizen

Opinion supports city post selections

Rutherford County Stays Course on Meetings Notice

Open Mobile

iPass Open Mobile Selected by Harmonic for Global Corporate Wi-Fi Access

Open Records

CNN salutes ‘most open’ Florida as reason In Session exists

DEP Thrown for a Loss on Open Records

Open government, on the record

Open-records case nets $2,000

Recall Election Ballots Safe Despite Rumors of Destruction

Open Science

2012 Open Science Summit Ramping Up

Open Society

Police, Overdose, and Moral Responsibility

Open Software

About Open Source for America

Google open-sources the YouTube Party Playlist Picker project

Open Source IT Monitoring Scales Up with Zenoss Core 4

Open Source Still Draws Proprietary Vendors Into the Fold

rSmart Secures $10.75 Million in Series B Funding to Accelerate Growth of Open Source Solutions for Higher Education

TACTIC Digital Asset Management Software Goes Open Source

The Challenges and Rewards of Open-Source Digital Video Preservation #saa12

The Indiana Supreme Court Law Library Goes Live on Koha with ByWater Solutions

The Trouble With Open Source: My Sage Saga

Open Space

Introducing the Open Space Format to the HumanDHS Network

Open Standards

Smart Notebooks for Linking Virtual Teams Across “Challenged” Networks

Open Textbooks

Free Open Textbooks Could Disrupt The Huge Textbook Industry

Recent Open Textbook Study Reveals Positive Results

True Cost

Clothing’s True Cost – Part Four

Cloudability Demonstrates True Cost Control for Cloud CRM

The true cost of food

We Must Understand the True Cost of Water and Live Within Our Means


Keen On… David Frigstad: Why Life Is Going to Get Really Dicey In the Next Ten Years [TCTV]

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