20120816 Open Source Everything Highlights

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All Opens Below Line – Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, DIY, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

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Backed By Google And eBay's Founder, Crowd Funding Takes Off In Africa

Checking In: GaymerCon Reaches $48K Funding Mark

Crowdsourcing Based Microlending Service Kiva Launches In India

Introducing Offbeatr, the Kickstarter for crowd-funded porn

New crowd funding platform uses social networking ‘capital'

Space apps company seeks crowd-sourced funds to launch

St. Mark’s Bookshop funds new lease with money raised online

Watchdog warns on internet funding

Website offers startups a way to pitch investors


1940 Census index crowd sourcing power

Crowdsourcing reveals life-saving potential in global health research

Crowd-Sourcing the Debates: 32 Challenging Questions for Romney and Obama

Crowds Proven to Have Expert Influence

Edelman grabs crowdsourced video

How Content Marketing Brought Email Marketing Back from the Dead

How to Crowdsource Without Being a Jerk – Or an Idiot

Pizza delivery, crowdsourced

New Website Transfix.It Uses Crowdsourcing To Improve Computer Language Translation Transfix.it Users Edit Software Translations for More Accurate Results

uTest Acquires Mobile App Tool For 7 Figures – Makes Good on $37 Million in Investments

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

FBI gives police free tool to convert photos for facial recognition

Librarian Presents on Free Software in the Library

Top 15 Open Source/Free Security/Hacking Tools

Open Source (Philosophy)

Open Source Software and Librarian Values

Time for radical change in education

Open Access

NoaNet Conducting Upgrade

Open Cloud

Newly Formed China Open Source Cloud League Connects To OpenStack

Open Source Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of Aug. 13

Rackspace Open Cloud Reference Architecture

Rackspace Private Cloud: Instant OpenStack

Rackspace unveils private cloud software powered by OpenStack

Open Communication

Open Communication In a Relationship

Open Culture

Magic surrounds open culture

Remembering Julia Child on Her 100th Birthday with Her Classic Appearance on the Letterman Show

Open Data


HSCIC releases prescribing data for GP practices under Open Data Strategy

HTML5: Render open data on a 3D world globe with Three.js

OCLC Recommends ODC-BY for WorldCat Data

Open data has useful applications for Saskatoon residents

Open data in a librarian hat: What's your Number One?

Open Data In EU: Big Data At Your Service

Open Education

A MOOC by Any Other Name

Khan Academy Launches The Future of Computer Science Education

Online open education: yes, this is the game changer

Open Education Resource APP Final

Time for radical change in education

Why Open education, Open Courses and OER might be the future


Centec Joins the Open Networking Foundation to Accelerate Merchant Silicon for SDN

OpenFlow in an Hour

The World’s First Major Carrier With Openflow Embedded In The Network

Vello Supports InCNTRE Lab

Open Government

APC Allocates Le77Billion to Local Councils in 3 Years

Commentary: Open government: It's not optional

Lawsuit ruling a victory for open government

“Open Government Indonesia” Wants to Put Public Services Online

Three bills increase government transparency in Delaware

Open Innovation

Crowdsourcing reveals life-saving potential in global health research

Key Insights on Using Social Media for Innovation Efforts

Nanostructured Photonic Metamaterials – Industry Open Day

Open Innovation: A Muse for Scaling

Open Innovation Partnerships Foster Global Health Care

Open-innovation projects turn old R&D wisdom ‘on its head'

yet2.com Wins $2 Million Open Innovation Contract with State of Ohio

Open Knowledge

Jackson Lears: Too Scary to Talk About

Wikimedia Germany donating 250,000 Euro for “Open Knowledge” Projects

Open Media

Steadycam workshop Has Open Seats

Open Meetings

California Suspends Open Meetings Law to Save Money

CHARLIE MITCHELL: Progress on open meetings, records is hard to deny

Contradicting information leaves speculation over Open Meetings Act violation

Kaufman School Board denies Level 3 complaints

Open Meetings, Records Measures Approved by Commissioners

Teachers Union Contract Approved

Open Plans

BikePlanner.Org – A New Community-Based Trip Routing Tool

Open Records

Are Documents in City Ethics Probe Being Properly Opened to Public?

Bill would make open records useful

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office denies request for information about alleged assault

Former Lubbock leader, now in Irving, accused of suppressing open records

Gannett NJ wins over town in open-records suit

Hernandez lawsuit – the last word

Ongoing John Doe probe of Walker aides reaches state level

Open records chief: State is training workers to use phone feature that avoids public records requests

Pa. questioned on adherence to open records law

Open Science

Independent Confirmation of Results and Academic Publishers: A Potential Opportunity?

open science

Open Security

Google offers larger rewards to vulnerability hunters

Top 15 Open Source/Free Security/Hacking Tools

Who says open source software is less secure?

Open Software

Asahi Technologies Launches Open Source Integration Solutions with Affordable Pricing Plans in New York

Developer Friendly FusionLeaf Open Source CMS Goes Live

eFront Enterprise LMS a Finalist at Best of Elearning! 2012 Awards

Introducing LyncAutoAnswer.com – An open source remote worker's Auto Answer Kiosk with Lync 2010

Open Source Software and Librarian Values

Quick introduction to SUID: What you need to know

Tesla Model S Relies On Linux

Webinos provides open-source platform for gadget interconnectivity

Open Space

Open Space Technology (Southern Grassroots Economies Project)

True Cost

Maine Voices: Restaurant prices must cover a lot more than the cost of raw food

The True Cost of Medals Won at London 2012 (Video)

True cost of going to university revealed

Why the Lowest APR Isn't Always the Best Mortgage Deal


Unconference – An Amazing PD Experience

Unconferencing the University

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