Chuck Spinney: USA Elections 2012 – Three Snapshots Right, Left, & Neither – Bring On the Wrecking Crew (Andre Barnett, the Reform Party, and the Electoral Reform Act of 2012)

Chuck Spinney

TWO-PARTY THEATER — Puppets to the Oligarchs

High Stake Outcomes Over Non-Issues

Oligarchs at the Gate

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS, Counterpunch, 14 August 2012

The election of the next puppet president of the “world’s only superpower” is about two and one-half months off, and what are the campaign issues?   There aren’t any worthy of the name.

TWO-PARTY EVIL, Hope Democrats Will Change

How to Launch a Mass Movement for Economic Justice

William Greider, Agence Global, 09 Aug 2012

The billionaires may be trying to hijack the presidential election, but they have failed to stifle the creative ambitions of progressive leaders. Amid the toxic fumes of big-money politics, the people Paul Wellstone once identified as the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” are pursuing an audacious goal with characteristic optimism: to re-elect Barack Obama, then reset his priorities.

TWO-PARTY EVIL — Time for a Wrecking Crew?

The Final Lesser-Evil Election?

Why Voting for Democrats Doesn’t Help Working People

SHAMUS COOKE, Counterpunch, 14 August 2012

Voting for the Democrats does not empower working people to fight against right-wing extremism. Instead, working people are forced to give away their power to a political party that is in no way beholden to them, since the Democrats have a corporate agenda divorced from the needs of the vast majority of working people. There is no way to hold Democrats accountable once they’re in office, especially when they’ve all but stopped making campaign promises to working people.

By now it should be clear to most Americans that the Democrats and Republicans are corporate-owned parties, and as such they are free to act as they wish, regardless of the political rhetoric they spew.

Robert Steele

ROBERT STEELE:  I ran for the Reform Party nomination, very briefly, for two reasons: to put all the ideas from across the transpartisan spectrum in one place (We the People Reform Coalition), and to contact and evaluate all other candidates running for President from across all parties and especially those excluded from ballot access today by the two-party tyranny, evil incarnate.  Today the Reform Party has a nominee, Andre Barnett, and I support him.   It is not clear yet whether he will adopt the ideas at We the People Reform Coalition, but what is clear is that he is superior to the two candidates for the two controlled parties for one big reason: he has integrity and is beholden to no one.  It continues to be my view that there is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed, and fixed quickly, by flushing the two-party tyranny down the toilet, and rebooting democracy to again be Of, By, and For We the People.  I believe that Andre Barnett can win in November 2012 if he is quick off the block with the basics:  end all income taxes (substituting the Automated Payment Transaction Tax that hits currency and stock transactions), debt jubilee for individuals and small businesses, coalition cabinet and balanced budgetr presented in advance, and above all, the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 forced through Congress in time for November 2012.  This is, in my view, the last opportunity for a non-violent revolution and avoidance of the socio-economic COLLAPSE that is facing us if Obama is re-elected and carries on as a puppet to Wall Street and the complexes — agriculture, education, energy, health, military, etcetera.  Neither of the two parties present the public interest.  To vote for either is an act of great ignorance if not deep insanity.

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