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Inside the Reddit AMA: The Interview Revolution That Has Everyone Talking

It’s the new “Colbert Bump.” The new “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Possibly even up and coming replacement for oft-sought Rolling Stone cover/interview.

Reddit Sticker (Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg)

I’m talking about the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).


Note to celebrities: Redditors (and the world, frankly) don’t care about the things you are plugging. They are interested in the opportunity to interact with you, the person. If you provide interesting answers to other questions, whatever your plug may be will be warmly accepted. Promote yourself authentically and openly first and then Reddit will find your projects the same. Just ask Louis CK and his $1 millon. Give and you may receive.

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As Neil Degrasse Tyson put it: “I tr[ied] to keep my answers informative, tasty, and succinct. Turns out, that’s the ideal recipe to end up quoted.  So many quotes of mine that are currently circulating on the internet were derived from my AMA sessions.”

It became clear that the secret to a successful AMA is rather simple:


Step 2)  Set aside enough time

Step 3) Provide public proof of your identity

Step 4) Be earnest (and reap the rewards)

Step 5) Expect and address criticism

Step 6) Do it for the right reasons

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