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Global Minds are executives, experts, academics and individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds. Some work for UN agencies and NGOs, others in research centers, universities or the private sector. All Global Minds have one thing in common: they look to exchange views with other members on a variety of global governance issues. Topics discussed include energy security, social entrepreneurship, internet governance, politics of development and humanitarian aid. The Global Minds platform gives individuals the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights on these topics and be informed about emerging debates.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is potentially a good idea but poorly framed — they have no analytic model and the primary emphasis appears to be on getting volunteer writers who can produce high-quality contributions at no cost.  If the sponsors were to adopt or create a strategic analytic model, and create global intelligence councils, one for each threat, one for each policy, and then regional integrative councils and one global umbrella council, they just might be able to scale quickly and with relevance.

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