2012 From Open Source Intelligence to Open Source Everything

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Open Source Solutions Network, Inc. 1992-2010. For profit. Web Site: www.oss.net

Original links remain active but shortcuts do not.  Easiest access is via Phi Beta Iota.

Earth Intelligence Network (501c3) 2006–  Non-profit.  Web Site:  www.earth-intelligence.net

Web site frozen.  Easiest access is via Phi Beta Iota.

We the People Reform Coalition  Presidential Campaign (Suspended).  Web Site:  bigbatusa.org

Campaign suspended.  The collection of ideas remains available toward 2014 and 2016.

Open Source Everything & Journal of Public Intelligence.  Web Site: www.phibetaiota.net

The beginning of a very long-term quarter-century campaign to create a World Brain & Global Game or Panarchy.

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