Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Re-Boot

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The two below references have finally been updated and the original PDFs are now online (they were lost when site moved from Sweden and previous shortcuts were lost).

NEW:  2008 Open Source Intelligence (Strategic)  OLD:

Introduction  OSINT and Intelligence Reform  – History  – Requirements  – Collection  – Processing  – Analysis  – Covert Action  – Counterintelligence  – Accountability, Civil Liberties, and Oversight  – Strategic Warning  – Strategic Sharing  – Emerging Prospects  — Digitization  — Visualization  —  Peer-to-Peer (P2P)  OSINT and Electoral Reform  OSINT and Governance Reform  OSINT and Strategic Budgetary Reform  Notes 1-44

NEW: 2008 Open Source Intelligence (Operational)  OLD:

Executive Summary  – Definition and scope  – Open source intelligence and joint or coalition operations  – Private sector information offerings  – OSINT and the emerging future intelligence architecture of NATO  Introduction to Open Source Intelligence  – Definitions  – OSINT in context  – OSINT and information operations  – OSINT and national security  – OSINT and the larger customer base for intelligence  – OSINT and the levels of analysis  – OSINT and coalitions  – OSINT and saving the world  – OSINT as a transformative catalyst for reform  Open Sources of Information  Open Source Software and Software for Exploitation  Open Source Services  The Open Source Intelligence Cycle  Applied Open Source Intelligence  – Open source intelligence tradecraft  – Mission relevance of open source intelligence  — Missioon area applications  Conclusion  – Money Matters  — Funding trade-offs  — Contracting mistakes  — Metrics for measuring return on investment  —–Cost of secrecy  —–Relative value  —–Return on sharing  — Commercial strategy  — Budget and manning implications  – The value of sharing  References  Acronyms  Notes 1-30

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