Eagle: Britain, Scotland Agree to Independence Vote

300 Million Talons…

Britain, Scotland sign deal to allow independence vote

LONDON – Britain and Scotland signed an accord Monday paving the way for a historic vote for independence that could see this island’s northern lands stand alone for the first time in three centuries as Europe’s newest sovereign state.

Monday’s accord effectively launches a critical two-year independence campaign during which the Scottish National Party — whose surprise victory in regional elections last year laid the path for a referendum — will go toe-to-toe against those fiercely opposed to rupturing modern Britain.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Huge.  There are 5000 secessionist movements resulting from artificial  political borders and economic predation imposed at the point of a gun.  2012 is year one in the world “re-booting.”  Regardless of how the vote goes, the world is moving rapidly toward self-determination at the provincial level while governments and other structured forms of coordination are replaced by unstructured informaion sharing and transparent sense-making.

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