Gordon Duff: Benghazi Story Revisited — Military-Style Operation, Set-Up By Terry Jones, GOP and Romney Campaign Complicit? + Benghazi RECAP

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Gordon Duff


Military-style tactics seen in US Consulate siege

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Terry Jones Loses it Again, Sets up the Film (YouTube 2:43)


Newsweek Cover Alleged to be Actors


Death Photo of Ambassador Dragged by Mob in Hands of Romney Campaign Instantly

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Phi Beta Iota:  At least half of the speculation and assertion in the article are suspect in our view (for example, we do not consider YouTube and Google complicit), but the other half are quite troubling.  The frustration of the FBI investigation reminds us of how the FBI was not allowed to investigate the USS Cole attack by a US Ambassador with conflicted loyalties, another instance in which Israel is suspected of attacking US personnel using false flag cover and have traitors within the US Government help them cover it up.  The USS Liberty is the most well-known fully-documented case of Israeli murder of US personnel for their sick Zionist view of what is to their advantage.

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