Greg Palast: YouTube (30:37) 30 Minutes on Forthcoming US Election Theft 5.9 Million Votes Slated to “Vanish”

Greg Palast

Phi Beta Iota:  Three months prior to the 2000 elections in the USA, Greg Palast broke the story on Florida disenfranchising tens of thousands of voters in predominantly Democratic precincts.  Now his new book and the underlying investigations have focused on Bain Capital buying and managing the voting machines in several state, and how the “vanishing votes” in Iowa was a dry run and also blew Rick Santorum out of the race and made Mitt Romney the finalist.  Palast also discusses the Koch Brothers and the focus on Senate races — system is not necessarily going to assure a Romney victory, but will focus also on specific races that will further gains in the House and secure the Senate.  Film includes fascinating account of discussion with Hugo Chavez on why he supports electoral reform in the USA.  Concludes that the billionaires do not care who is in office as long as they are obligated to them.  Billionaires do not manipulate the vote to steal elections, but rather to steal billions — they want to manipulate the financial environment to their continuing benefit.  Exceelent comments on Goldman Sachs driving US economic policy under Bill Clinton — Robert Rubin and Larry Summers.  Two major trends billionaires are focusing on are taxes and international trade flows.  Passing comments on how Romney moves jobs to China and profits to tax havens.  Banks backing Obama, hedge fund vultures backing Romney, banks concerned about vultures collapsing the world economy and not realizing how close they are to a non-recoverable collapse.  Argentina is a target now — vultures contemplating how to literally explode the country, harvest profits, and leave the carcass.  Nevada, Missouri, Arizona tight Senate races, massive vote anticipated.  Next look at Chinese money in US elections.  Because of Citizens United, with $20, incorporate in Delaware, and you can funnel as much money into US elections as you want.

Greg Palast: Get Ready for Massive Voter Fraud

Joel Skousen sits down with Alex Jones and discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters.

Found by Berto Jongman.

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