Penguin: Americans Catching Fire from Sunscreen, Whining About It

Who, Me?

Only in the USA….

RECALL: Banana Boat Recalling Aerosol Sunscreens

According to a report by 6ABC, Banana Boat is recalling a line of its spray on products after reports of people catching on fire after applying the sunscreen.

According to the HuffingtonPost, 23 varieties of Banana Boat UltraMist are being pulled from store shelves “due to the risk that the lotion can ignite when exposed to open flame,” said the 6ABC report.

Sunscreen catches fire, in all the wrong ways

Man, you people complain a lot.

One public-spirited global company, “Energizer Holdings,” is out there on the front lines, trying to protect earthlings from the heinous effects of sunlight, and what do people do?

Whine. About spurious issues such as an extremely limited number of cases in which sunscreen products made by the manufacturer of Banana Boat products have caused people’s skin to burst into flames.

Fine Print: Not An Actual Case

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