Peter W. Singer: Defense Sequestration – Facts, Fiction & Options

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Peter W. Singer
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Peter W. Singer is the director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative and a senior fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings. Singer’s research focuses on three core issues: the future of war, current U.S. defense needs and future priorities, and the future of the U.S. defense system. Singer lectures frequently to U.S. military audiences and is the author of several books and articles, including Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century.

Editor’s Note: In the following article, which appeared as a five-part series for Time Magazine’s Battleland blog, Peter W. Singer attempts to dive deeper into the issue of sequestration and what it might really mean for U.S. military spending and power projection across the globe. A version of this article was presented at a private event at Brookings organized by the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies and the 21st Century Defense Initiative.

Separating Sequestration Facts from Fiction: Sequestration and What It Would Do for American Military Power, Asia, and the Flashpoint of Korea

PART I: The Sequestration Situation

PART II: Context Matters: Sequestration and America’s Military Spending Compared to the World

PART III: The Sequestration Story in East Asia

Part IV: Sequestration and the Korea Peninsula

Part V: Conclusions: Sequestration would be Stupid, but the Sky is not Falling

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