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LiquidDemocracy e.V.

The Liquid Democracy Association is a non-profit and non-partisan organisation that works on innovative ideas and projects for democratic participation. Our goal is to establish a transparent democratic principle in both the political and social domain based on strengthening the citizens’ participation. We are working on ideas and projects that will make our modern democracy more transparent and flexible. The work of the Liquid Democracy Association encompasses both the theoretical conception and the practical implementation of software projects.

Modern media allow new forms of communication and interaction which can be used to strengthen democratic and discourse-oriented participation. Our goal is to develop concepts and tools that allow the influx of deliberative participation opportunities in -ideally- all sectors of society.

Liquid Democracy

Liquid Democracy consists of a variety of different concepts, which include the principle of delegated voting. Theories differ mainly in the degree of emphasis they put on discourse function and voting procedures. For Liquid Democracy, discourse is the key element and voting is subordinated. Hence, it is less about forcing ‘bargain compromises’ with the help of election procedures but much more about the open and fair exchange of ideas. More

Delegated Voting

Delegated Voting describes the possibility of a participant delegating her or his vote to another participant or group of participants, who then are able to vote on her or his behalf. The delegation may be temporarily confined to a specific policy area or ballot. More

Phi Beta Iota:  There are multiple game-changers in this project, not yet available for English implementation.  When it does become available in other languages, it could change politics world-wide, as well as the substantive disciplines.  The process makes diversity of discourse more important than voting, and allows the delegation of voting proxie across an infinite range of trusted third parties — hence one's foreign policy vote can go to A, one's environmental vote to B, etcetera.  This is being used by the Pirate Party in Europe now, to very good effect, and will be a natural for the Pirate Party in the USA.  All other parties lack the mind-set for this kind of sophistication, they are still in Epoch B top-down hierarchical mode.

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