Dolphin: Obama’s Katrina On Top Of Obama’s Dead Ambassador?


The contrast between Obama's platitudes and his being in Las Vegas, and the 3 million out of power, gas, heat, food, and water is stark.  Benghazi is not quite a Tehran Embassy take-over, but in today's climate, with an apparent cover-up underway, it's close.

Exasperation builds on Day 3 in storm-stricken NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — Frustration — and in some cases fear — mounted in New York City on Thursday, three days after Superstorm Sandy. Traffic backed up for miles at bridges, large crowds waited impatiently for buses into Manhattan, and tempers flared in gas lines.

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Obama's Katrina

Gas lines that extend for hours.   .   Dumpster diving.   .   People starving — in New York City.   .   Sean Hannity pegged it exactly.   .   Two words: Obama's Katrina.

Phi Beta Iota:  Completely apart from the heavy investment the Republicans have made in assuring their ability to control how the centralized electronic votes are counted, especially in the swing states, Obama has taken a one-two punch: Benghazi is clearly a cover-up at this time, most likely of political leadership failure with respect to sending reinforcements and air cover, on top of Department of State insouciance about Benghazi security; and there are 3 million pissed off mostly white people who are cold, thirsty, hungry, and immobile.  Early voting is not going well for Obama.  The Republicans are not only poised to beef up the House and possibly take the Senate, but Romney is looking like a comfortable win.  Karl Rove and his Perot-like small white boards appears to be the tip of an extremely expensive, extremely well-organized coup.  Obama has lost his base and in our collective view, also lost his face.


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