Eagle: From Italy, A Proposal to End the Concept of a Permanent Civil Service


300 Million Talons…

One single indicator of democracy

When the culture is held closed by a coven of monopolists, the truth is methodically marginalized and the various phenomena of life become incomprehensible. The confusion slowly grows until it become unbearable. Just like today. For example, to determine the degree of democracy of a Country, we use several dozen of indicators, whose very large number and variety prevent us from grasping the essential concept of democracy and therefore the way it can be properly implemented.

Yet all things, even the most complex, once well broken up and assimilated, can be conducted to a basic grade of simplicity that let us much easier to cope with life. Thus, in front of the many complex methods used to know the level of democracy of a Country, there exists a single indicator able to determine, with numerical precision, the percentage of democracy actually enjoyed and to conduct to determine its quality with the most resolvent definition.


In the case of our beloved Italy, imagining the total number of public positions are 3,300,000, including both elected and employed, and of these only 200,000 are regularly returned to the population, it is easily achieved the level of democracy in percentage terms respect to the maximum reached with the total return to the people of these roles and the places where democracy exists or lacks are clearly identified.

For example, in the tax, legal and law enforcement ambit seems there is not ever the minimum level of democracy, because (at least in my knowledge) there is not only one role, one employment, which is regularly returned to the population to ensure participation and the necessary renewal, so that everyone in turn can experience for himself what it means to suffer, as a common citizen, the rules laid down by Parliament.

So to sum up:

The NUMBER of public, governmental and operational, roles that are periodically returned to the people gives the PERCENTAGE of the realized democracy.

The IDENTIFICATION of governmental and operational roles that are regularly returned to the people, refers the QUALITY of the realized democracy.

Karl Popper said that the essence of democracy is nothing more than the possibility to change who governs. For its being a professor, however, he not told all of it. Popper should have in fact to say that democracy consists in the possibility to change, yes, who governs but also those who administers us, who teaches us, who informs us, those who medicates us, who measures us with statistics, who collects taxes, who controls us, who judges us, those who repress us, who imprisons us, etc. etc. If Karl Popper would said this, the world today would be very different.

Today many people talk of SOVEREIGNTY, but, as typically happens when the “experts” take all the space for them, the more time passes, the more the object of attention is dissolved by their vagueness. We, who are not experts but, as citizens, want to enjoy it as we are entitled by our Constitution, must assert till to become clear that sovereignty, a concept that fits well with the property, refers to everything that concerns the public, everything that pertains and belongs to the community, to the Italian people, therefore tangible and intangible assets, land, buildings, values, governmental and operational institutions.

Reformulating, we can say that SOVEREIGNTY is relative to all that in a society is public, therefore to be shared and participated: the RES PUBLICA, in English: Republic. Democracy consists precisely in the sharing and participating to the goods and resources on which the people have SOVEREIGNTY. Let us understand and fully develop these concepts by ourselves, simple human beings with savvy and sensitivity. Let us ourselves speak. We must finally mute the caste of “public” teachers, professors and pressmen whose sole purpose, for sixty years, has been to keep us away from the truth, far away from Democracy.

Excluded from our same REPUBLIC.  Rid our Public Employments from all the people hired for life.  Go inside at rotation eager citizens prepared for the role.  This is the right recipe for a New World.

Danilo D’Antonio

Monti della Laga
Italia Centrale

Public Employment at Rotation (in Italian)

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