Owl: Both Parties Died on 7 November 2012 — The Angry White Guy GOP *and* the Well-Intentioned Liberal Left — Gone, Gone, Gone

Who? Who?

None of my liberal friends who I sent this article have responded or commented on it. Perhaps they cannot be bothered, since they are rejoicing at Obama’s win? Or could it be that Professor James Petras, who wrote it, and an outstanding scholar with many books and articles to his name, is puncturing their illusions of Obama, and it’s too painful to acknowledge the truth?

This article effectively summarizes in one place Obama’s near absolute and locked-step alignment to the American Police State, to Wall Street, to utter betrayal of his naive supporters, to the evaporation of the middle class. It blows up any illusions that the victorious second term president is really a “lesser evil”, that it makes any difference. He shows the distinction between lesser and greater evils is irrelevant when it comes to Obama and Romney. One could add to this what Mish Shedlock said in his blog: “If you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, then you will continually be presented with two evil choices!”

Democrats & Liberals: “They Placed the Re-Election of a Police-State Democrat Over and Above Their Putative Defense of Constitutional Rights”

Some highlights:

“In the name of opposing the current ‘greater evil’ (Romney) they [liberals] dare not enumerate and specify the wanton political crimes and monumental socio-economic injustice perpetrated by their “lesser evil” candidate (Obama).  Will the “progressives” ever play honest and publicly state:  we back Obama in “swing states” because he has “only” murdered 10,000 Afghans, 5,000 Iraqis, is starving 75 million Iranian’s via sanctions, gives $3 billion for Israeli displacement of millions of Palestinians, personally oversees the arbitrary executions of US citizens and promises an extended kill list … because Romney promises to be worse …”

“The peace movement virtually disappeared as its leaders urged its supporters to turn their activities to supporting Obama’s election.  He rewarded them by escalating military spending, and engaging in sequential wars, directly or by proxy, in seven countries, wreaking havoc and destruction. He faced minimum opposition as ex-peace activists, in dismay, turned away or grabbed a post and apologized for war.”

“The immigrant rights movements prior to the 2008 election of Obama mobilized several million…. till it was infiltrated and taken over by Mexican-American political hacks from the Democratic Party ad turned into an electoral machine to secure elected posts for themselves and Obama.  He rewarded the immigrants by setting a record: seizing, jailing and expelling 1.5 million immigrants over his tenure in office.  The immigrant rights mass movement has been largely dismantled and now Democratic political hustlers hire canvassers to round up and register, highly disillusioned immigrant voters.”

“Afro-Americans were the most neglected sector of the US working class under Obama:  they experienced the highest levels of unemployment and home foreclosures and the longest period of joblessness. They became politically invisible as Obama bent over front ways to appease rabid White racists seeking to label him a ‘black president’. ”

“Constitutional rights were savaged by Obama’s defense of military trials, Bush era tortures, expansion of arbitration executive power including the assumption of Presidential power to assassinate US citizens without a trial.  While legal organizations fought the good fight for civil liberties, the vast majority of liberals were notable by their absence from any sustained democratic movement upholding the rights of 40 million Americans under police surveillance, especially Muslim citizens and immigrants.”

“With Obama in office, openly declaring and preparing major reductions and regressive clauses on coverage (raising age qualification) and indexing, there is no significant protest movement.   Programs which for the better part of a century (social security) or half century (Medicare, Medicaid) were considered untouchable are now, according to Obama, “on the table” to be gutted (“reformed”, “adjusted”).  The trade union millionaire bosses hire a small army of campaign workers and raise over a $150 million to re-elect a President who promises to make huge cuts in medical programs for pensioners and the poor.  Obama has legitimated the regressive social positions of the far-right while the Democratic Party neutralized any trade union opposition or mobilization.”

“…the Obama regime has co-opted progressive liberal social critics via backdoor support.  In the name of “opposing Romney” the progressive pundits, like Chomsky and Ellsberg, end up in alliance with Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires, Pentagon militarists, Homeland Security boosters and Zionist ideologues (Dennis Ross) to elect Obama. Of course, the support of the progressives will be accepted -but hardly acknowledged- but they will have no influence on future Obama policy after the election:  they will be discarded like used condoms.”

Petras is correct: with the re-election of Obama, liberalism is indeed dead, gone, obliterated. May it rest in peace.

Read full article.

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