Ron Paul: 32 Questions – One More Fight?

Ron Paul

32 Questions That All Americans Must Answer

Activist Post, 16 November 2012

Ron Paul, in his historic farewell speech to Congress this week, asked 32 thought-provoking questions addressed to his fellow Americans.

It’s very clear upon examination of these questions that something is very wrong with our government.  Below are his questions:

  1. Why are sick people who use medical marijuana put in prison?
  2. Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk?
  3. Why can’t Americans manufacturer rope and other products from hemp?
  4. Why are Americans not allowed to use gold and silver as legal tender as mandated by the Constitution?
  5. Why is Germany concerned enough to consider repatriating their gold held by the FED for her in New York? Is it that the trust in the U.S. and dollar supremacy beginning to wane?
  6. Why do our political leaders believe it’s unnecessary to thoroughly audit our own gold?
  7. Why can’t Americans decide which type of light bulbs they can buy?
  8. Why is the TSA permitted to abuse the rights of any American traveling by air?
  9. Why should there be mandatory sentences – even up to life for crimes without victims – as our drug laws require?
  10. Why have we allowed the federal government to regulate commodes in our homes?
  11. Why is it political suicide for anyone to criticize AIPAC ?
  12. Why haven’t we given up on the drug war since it’s an obvious failure and violates the people’s rights? Has nobody noticed that the authorities can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons? How can making our entire society a prison solve the problem?
  13. Why do we sacrifice so much getting needlessly involved in border disputes and civil strife around the world and ignore the root cause of the most deadly border in the world-the one between Mexico and the US?
  14. Why does Congress willingly give up its prerogatives to the Executive Branch?
  15. Why does changing the party in power never change policy? Could it be that the views of both parties are essentially the same?
  16. Why did the big banks, the large corporations, and foreign banks and foreign central banks get bailed out in 2008 and the middle class lost their jobs and their homes?
  17. Why do so many in the government and the federal officials believe that creating money out of thin air creates wealth?
  18. Why do so many accept the deeply flawed principle that government bureaucrats and politicians can protect us from ourselves without totally destroying the principle of liberty?
  19. Why can’t people understand that war always destroys wealth and liberty?
  20. Why is there so little concern for the Executive Order that gives the President authority to establish a “kill list,” including American citizens, of those targeted for assassination?
  21. Why is patriotism thought to be blind loyalty to the government and the politicians who run it, rather than loyalty to the principles of liberty and support for the people? Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.
  22. Why is it is claimed that if people won’t or can’t take care of their own needs, that people in government can do it for them?
  23. Why did we ever give the government a safe haven for initiating violence against the people?
  24. Why do some members defend free markets, but not civil liberties?
  25. Why do some members defend civil liberties but not free markets? Aren’t they the same?
  26. Why don’t more defend both economic liberty and personal liberty?
  27. Why are there not more individuals who seek to intellectually influence others to bring about positive changes than those who seek power to force others to obey their commands?
  28. Why does the use of religion to support a social gospel and preemptive wars, both of which requires authoritarians to use violence, or the threat of violence, go unchallenged? Aggression and forced redistribution of wealth has nothing to do with the teachings of the world great religions.
  29. Why do we allow the government and the Federal Reserve to disseminate false information dealing with both economic and foreign policy?
  30. Why is democracy held in such high esteem when it’s the enemy of the minority and makes all rights relative to the dictates of the majority?
  31. Why should anyone be surprised that Congress has no credibility, since there’s such a disconnect between what politicians say and what they do?
  32. Is there any explanation for all the deception, the unhappiness, the fear of the future, the loss of confidence in our leaders, the distrust, the anger and frustration?

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ROBERT STEELE:  Ron Paul chose not to disengage from the brain-dead and morally-challenged Republican Party, and join with the rest of us, especially Dennis Kucinich, Rocky Anderson, Gary John, and Jill Stein, to mount a third force that would have won the Presidential election on the strength of the ideas at We the People Reform Coalition. He clearly wants to see Rand Paul advance but Rand Paul will be cheated by the Republicans as well, and will be forced to make the choice his father refused: to run as an Independent-Libertarian.  I personally pray that the next four years might see the emergence of a public appreciation for how we must break from the past and the two-party tyranny that corrupts all decision-making, and instead find a new third way that is transparent, rooted in the truth, and capable of producing the core intangible value for any society, trust. UPDATED 14 March 2015.

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