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Robert David STEELE Vivas
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ROBERT STEELE:  I am answering this one personally since I have made reference to the six CIAs in the past (now seven with the drone element).  I do this in part because I am reluctant to believe that CIA Directors are totally aware of and complicit in the drug running and money-laundering that CIA has been doing since Viet-Nam began.  I do believe that prior Directors going back to Allen Dulles were fully complicit in the use of the Black Lily fund to restore fascists into power in Germany, Italy, and Japan, and to create the false-flag terrorists that Ed Lansdale pioneered, but now I pray that today most misdeeds are carried out by small persistent cadres that leverage their presence within CIA to co-opt military assets and legitimate CIA capabilities and accesses (for example, the diplomtic pouch) while doing evil for profit.  The plain fact is that CIA has ZERO in the way of internal counter-intelligence, and the FBI, CIA, and DEA all have a live and let live arrangement that prevents absolute integrity from taking root.  All of this is “out of control” and far removed from what President Harry Truman intended when he established the CIA.  Note for the record:  I believe Petraeus should be re-instated as Director of CIA, and clean house — CIA needs leadership that can make holistic analytics and open sources & methods the priority, while slamming down on illegal operations and creating a very small agile multinational clandestine capability before the DIA, SOCOM, and DHS spies get too expensive (they will never be effective).  Beyond that, what we really need is a Director of National Intelligence appointed and confirmed to do themselves out of a job, retiring the entire DNI staff, while restoring the original DCI position and implementing as many of the Aspin-Brown and as many of my recommendations as possible.

01  White House CIA  — the plumbers, domestic dirty tricks, still today

02  Wall Street CIA — direct support to major banks & corporations (now based in NYC)

03  Legal CIA Analytics — children supported by geriatric annuitants – 20% effective

04  Legal CIA clandestine, communications, science & technology — 10% effective

05  Legal Special Operations CIA — 100% effective small stuff, 20% effective big stuff

06  Safari Club — 200 or so people focused on rendition, torture, secret prisons

07  Drone CIA — 2000 people committing crimes against humanity

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