Eagle: UK France May Pull Ambassadors from Israel Over Illegal Settlement Expansion — What Is USA Doing? NOTHING!

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UK, France may pull out envoys from Israel over settlement construction – reports

France and Britain are reportedly considering moves against Israel over Tel Aviv’s decision to expand settlement construction in occupied territories, diplomats told an Israeli newspaper. This may include recalling ambassadors for the first time.

This comes as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the construction of thousands of new homes in Jewish settlements in the area known as E1, between Ma’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem – a step widely seen as retaliation for recognition of Palestine as non-member state by the United Nations.

This time it won’t just be a condemnation, there will be real action taken against Israel,” a senior European diplomat told Haaretz daily.

The three European diplomats who spoke to the paper indicated that London and Paris were coordinating their moves against Israel, and have discussed the extraordinary step of recalling their ambassadors for consultations. The action, whatever it may be, could be implemented in the next few days.

London is furious about the E1 decision,” one of the diplomats said.


UN implicitly recognizes Palestinian statehood

The UN General Assembly has voted to upgrade Palestinians’ diplomatic status to a “non-member observer state,” thus implicitly recognizing a Palestinian state. This comes despite strong opposition from the US and Israel.

Phi Beta Iota:  We missed the statehood aspect the first time Eagle posted on this.

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