IO-Cyber Newsletter Vol 13 No 02

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Articles in this issue:

1.      Israel is Losing the PR War
2.      Indonesia's Cyber Defense Strategy and Its Challenges
3.      NATO War Games Set To Begin on November 16, 2012
4.      Army Leaders Emphasize Importance of Cyberspace Capabilities
5.      US Handoff in Afghanistan Includes Radio Training
6.      China Most Threatening Cyberspace Force, U.S. Panel Says
7.      Data Triage and the Cyber Age
8.      Beyond Battleships and Bayonets
9.      Cyber Response's Fatal Flaw: Mistrust
10.     ‘Dagger' Brigade Electronic Warfare Office Named Best In Army
11.     IPO, KC Chiefs Enter Training Partnership
12.     Satellite Jammers Turned On
13.     Another Tool in the Influencer's Toolbox: A Case Study
14.     US Military behind Africa News Websites
15.     Pentagon Propaganda Plan Is Source of Controversy
16.     Panetta's Wrong About a Cyber ‘Pearl Harbor'
17.     Why Is Israel Tweeting Airstrikes
18.     Psychological Warfare on the Digital Battlefield
19.     Testing Novel Effects of Ad Redesign on Customer Willingness to Pay
20.     Taipei's Cyberwarfare Gambit

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