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What most people do not realize when they look at Gordon Michael Scallion's vision is that he is positing changes one hundred years out.  The fact is that the sea really is rising (slowly — the Maldives and Bangladesh are the two most current cases of this reality); and that most urban areas are within a meter or two of today's sea level.  Furthermore, all sources — without exception — have both good and bad to offer.  The “trick” is to not be close-minded.  All sources have something to offer — they need to be discriminated, distilled, and integrated.

There are three long-term issues that the US Government is not thinking about with the strategic vision that it should:

a)  What does this mean for national human settlements and infrastructure?  Why are we not starting to reduce investments in these area while investing in other areas including the Yukon and Northwest Territories?

b)  What does this mean for national aquifers that are already being over-drawn as well as contaminated by fracking, and what plans should we be making to assure clean water for the future (not just for the USA but for all those who might otherwise be moved to migrate into Europe, Australia, or north into the USA and Canada?

c)  What does this mean for the long-term future of the US Navy, and in particularly the near-term need for icebreakers, a 450-ship Navy that is globally distributed, and the future of the US Coast Guard and the US Navy as a joint force with a considerable riverine and littoral capability?

The good news is that solar powered water desalination and decontamination is coming along very nicely.  In ten to twenty years it may be that there are solar powered stations –thousands of them if not tends of thousands of them — desalinating and decontaminating ocean water to transfer a substantial amount of it to once arid regions.  What matters is holistic thinking — long-term holistic thinking.

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