Information Operations Newsletter Vol. 13 No. 03

IO Newsletter

ARSTRAT IO Newsletter


Table of Contents:

1. Why Your Intuition about Cyber Warfare is Probably Wrong
2. Pentagon Drops ‘Strategic Communication'
3. European Renewable Power Grid Rocked By Cyber-Attack
4. China’s Growing Military Might Obscures the Real Threat of Cyberwar
5. US Official: North Korea Likely Deceived US, Allies Before Launching Rocket
6. Cyber’s Next Chapter: Penetrating Sealed Networks
7. North Korea Steps Up Jamming
8. Information Warfare: Cyber War Tools for the Infantry
9. Unwitting Sensors: How DOD is Exploiting Social Media
10. The Effectiveness of US Military Information Operations In Afghanistan 2001-2010: Why RAND Missed The Point
11. Hacking the Human Brain: The Next Domain of Warfare
12. Cyber Security Hunter Teams Are the Next Advancement in Network Defense
13. Hype and Fear
14. ARCYBER on the Attack on Paper, In Training
15. Electronic Warfare Graduates First To Receive Crested Collar Insignia
16. How to Equip the U.S. Military for Future Electronic Warfare
17. Al-Qaida Hit by Cyber Attack
18. Chinese Hackers Suspected in Cyber Attack on Council on Foreign Relations
19. You Can’t Handle the Truth
20. 10th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference

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