Michel Bauwens: Peer-to-Peer “Must Read” Essays

P2P / Panarchy
Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens

PART I: Full List (27 Essays)

1 Paul S. Adler and Charles Heckscher: Towards Collaborative Community

2 Ernesto Arias (et al.) on Transcending the Individual Human Mind through Collaborative Design

3 Adam Arvidsson on the Crisis of Value and the Ethical Economy

4 Yaneer Bar-Yam on Complexity, Hierarchy, and Networks

PART II: Full List (16 Essays)

2 Bruno Perens on The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source

3 James Quilligan on a framework for Global Commons-based Governance

5 Dirk Riehle on the Economics of Open Source Software

6 David Ronfeldt on the Evolution of Governance

9 Clay Shirky on the web as evolvable system

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