Owl: Mike Ruppert on WHY $1 Million is Offered for the Rogue Cop – Catalyst for West Coast Uprising?

Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

According to a recent radio show hosted by Michael Ruppert, Dorner has worked with Navy Seals (perhaps implied in the wiki bio below) – he’s a well-trained warrior, an operator. Ruppert mentioned much else about Dorner that will strike students of John Robb’s writings on the “global guerilla” as having many affinities to this type of warrior. Here’s the link to the show well worth hearing:

Lifeboat Hour – 02/10/13

The $1,000,000 bounty put on Dorner’s head implies he has a potential destructive value not only to high-up police but to political elites, a value which has yet to be spelled out to us regular people. How much do they think his revelations, if he has any, can destabilize their authority and grasp on the levers of power? My guess is: a lot.  If they read Robb on how one or very few men could cause major damage to large systems, they have cause to be afraid. The passing of time will soon reveal if a global guerrilla-type scenario is being played out by Dorner and his state adversaries.

Lt Chris Dorner, USNR
Lt Chris Dorner, USNR

Christopher Jordan Dorner, Global Guerrilla?

Dorner’s wikipedia biography  states he “ was commissioned in 2002, commanded a security unit at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada, and served with a Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit from June 23, 2004, to February 28, 2006. He was deployed to Bahrain with Coastal Riverine Group Two from November 3, 2006, to April 23, 2007.[6] Dorner was honorably discharged from the Navy Reserve on February 1, 2013.”

Leash Lynn Plante
Leash Lynn Plante


Robb’s 2009 essay gives an example of a typical special ops tool: kill lists. In the essay, he refers to guerrilla war against corporations:

“Highly accurate lists of targets from hacking “black” marketplaces.  These lists include all corporate employee e-mail addresses and phone numbers — both at work and at home.  ~<$0.25 a dossier (for accurate lists).”

Substitute “corporation” for “LAPD,” and we readily recognize Dorner uses a kill list, which he has already acted upon.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Robert Steele's original work on predicting revolution, and his graphic showing all of the preconditions of revolution that exist in the USA, is a starting point for discussing how fragile and vulnerable the “hollow” state has become.  Preconditions are not precipitants.  Precipitants are singular events that create a cultural firestorm, a resistance meme, and consolidate simmering anger into a single flashpoint that “liberates” masses from their otherwise sheep-like behavior in the face of velvet and not-so-velvet tyranny.  Dorner is probably not good enough to become a precipitant in and of himself, but if he discovers a “sea of people” in which to swim, then Los Angeles is going to get very interesting as the Spring arrives, Occupy awakes from its slumber, and labor unions start reconnecting to their integrity.  Add a Leah Lynn Plante or a Rodney King cop beating video, and the Watts riots will look like a kindergarten homecoming.  Not only is the 80% of the public that is poor very, very angry, but they have been learning new tricks — very destructive new tricks, that DHS and FEMA are in no way ready to handle.  We are at a point where any form of self-governance is preferable to mis-governance by corrupt politicians who have sold out to banks and corporations.  This is felt most deeply on the West Coast, where many “so-called Americans” might also consider Senator Feinstein's incredibly ignorant and insensitive remark to be representative of the lack of intelligence and integrity in Washington, D.C. — as well as what many are now calling “so-called due process.”  If Dorner can get his narrative out and connect his story to the broader story of most Americans, he has enormous potential beyond his personal grudge.

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