12 Mar to 30 Apr 2013 Online Consciousness Conversations ($249)


The Consciousness Conversations

March 12, 2013 ,05:00 PM – April 30, 2013 ,06:30 PM

 A Visionary Dialogue with Ervin Laszlo, Claire Zammit, Craig Hamilton, Lynne McTaggart, Marilyn Schlitz, Pim van Lommel, John Hagelin and Fred Travis.

Hosted by The Intelligent Optimist’s Jurriaan Kamp

The coming expansion of consciousness will change the world beyond anything we can imagine. That’s the premise and promise of our first Visionary Dialogue featuring some of the leading minds—and souls—in the field in conversation with each other and with you about topics like:

• Is a new era of consciousness really on its way? How do we know?

• What will it look like? What effect will it have?

• How can we be active participants in its emergence?

In past centuries, humanity has pursued the discovery of everything that could be seen and touched. The overwhelming question regarding the “why” of our existence—the understanding of consciousness—was shoved aside for the sake of convenience. But that doesn’t mean evolution can escape the question. Physicists are discovering ever-smaller particles. It seems that matter ultimately dissolves in energy. At the same time, brain research shows that our thoughts—proof of our consciousness—are energy as well. So the science of matter may be leading to the question of consciousness, bringing us closer to our biggest “why?”

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