Craig Hamilton: Questions for Reflection

Craig Hamilton
Craig Hamilton

It is my hope that our collective reflection on these questions will help create a powerful focus for Thursday’s FREE  event, Activating the Impulse of Evolution, and will serve as a foundation for the journey we’ll be going on together:

1) What is your deepest or highest aspiration for your own spiritual development?

2) In your deepest moments of awareness and clarity, what have you sensed is possible for the evolution of your life, and for human life as a whole?

3) Where have you noticed that you get stopped or blocked in your spiritual evolution? To what degree have you seen that the obstacles to your deepest awakening are actually habits that you have the power to stop enacting?

4) How would you most deeply wish to serve life and humanity, if you had all the capacities you needed? What is your vision for your highest contribution in this life and this world?

5) What do you see as the relationship between your own evolution and the advancement of humanity? In what ways can you see that the highest potentials you want to fulfill and the changes you need to make are not merely personal, but universal to all human beings?

6) What are you most hoping to learn at this seminar?

12 Mar to 30 Apr 2013 Online Consciousness Conversations ($249)

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