Jean Lievens: 100 Miles Per Gallon – Making It Reality

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Jean Lievens
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100 Miles Per Gallon – Making It Reality

So the Wikispeed car design is ultralight and runs with a Honda F1 racing engine (internal combustion).  The car weighs under 1500 pounds right now but doesn’t have all the interior amenities we have all come to know and love.

Therefore, in order to add 1 more feature to the car that will increase the gas mileage even further, I plan to add a vapor fuel system first designed in the 1970’s by Tom Ogle.  See the documentary GASHOLE to get a complete picture of how the oil companies have been manipulating the auto industry to maximize profits.  Don’t even get me started on the wars we have fought to protect their profits.

Watch this video to see how people are doing this now.

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