John Maguire: Asymmetric Electromagnetic Machines

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maguireUFOPolitics is an engineer, open-source advocate, and new-energy pioneer. He has built a number of Asymmetrical Electric Motors that operate at COP > 1.0 (Coefficient of Performance). This blatently contradicts what most consider to be immutable “laws” of thermodynamics. The magic behind these motors is that they eliminate what’s known as the Back-EMF, and make use of this otherwise wasted energy to add extra power/efficiency to the loads.

Posted below are three links. The first is a highly informative video that explains why Asymmetry and Back-EMF are relevant in achieving over-unity output, and why symmetric motors today are quite literally built-to-fail. Second is a video demonstration of a working model that achieves “unnatural” output and torque. Lastly, I have provided a link to an ongoing discussion thread at about UFO’s pioneering work. Open-Source Science at its best. Enjoy.

From Quincy Robinson at Google+:

Taking nothing from the engineer or his works, this material reads much like what can be found at Tom Bearden’s site.

Bearden and Naudin have been in correspondence for some years.

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