John Maguire: Mesh Networks and Pirate Internet

Autonomous Internet

maguire“From SOPA and PIPA to ACTA to CISPA to the TPP and now back to CISPA, internet activists have been caught up in a deliberately bewildering game of whack-a-mole with freedom-crushing legislation. Now, ISPs are doing an end run around the whole legislative process altogether and voluntarily collaborating with the entertainment industry to spy on their own customers. All of this is enough to leave concerned netizens demoralized, and in the war of attrition that is exactly the goal. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we explore a real, grassroots, alternative solution to the problem of internet censorhip that can help to end this government/corporate control over our communication once and for all.”

For our interests, if you care to watch this, you could probably just skip to 21.30 ~; as the first half the video is just concerned with discussing SOPA, etc, and general activism that you’re likely already aware of. From 22min till the end is where they really dig into pirate internet solutions and mesh networks that are the meat of the issue.

22-28Min: James Corbett and radio-host Jack Blood discuss the possibility for setting up pirate-internet networks as a response to the incessant efforts of internet-fascists and their legislative puppets to pass proposals such as CISPA. Blood mentions his experience/success with localized, pirate broadcasting that circumvents centralized/censored networks.

28-38Min: Clip from a CNet-Trialogue that discusses what are known as Mesh Networks. Mesh Networks, originally conceived of by the Military-Industrial Complex, are a tool citizens can now leverage to liberate themselves and set up decentralized, uncensored internet accessibility. Requiring only a small investment into already-existing radio equipment, people can set up these networks by first adapting their Smart-Phones. Because of their processing power Smart Phones can serve as Mesh Network nodes that allow for the creation of a node-to-node Wi-Fi Network. This allows for the complete bypassing of any potential government lockdown.

38-43Min: Corbett highlights the work of Tony Cartalucci @ Cartalucci’s article Decentralizing Telecom explains the practical side of implementing these new types of web-networks at a local level.

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