John Maguire: Systems Approach to Physics and Cosmology

maguireSubquantum Kinetics is a novel conceptualization of physics pioneered by Dr. Paul LaViolette. As both a physicist and systems theorist Dr. LaViolette views subatomic particles as open, interdependent, fluctuating entities governed by the laws of Ecological Non-Linear Dynamics. This contrasts starkly with the classical view that conceives the subatomic world as both closed and immutable. If we come to accept the findings of SQK, a whole new world of renewable energy, transportation, and communication technologies could potentially emerge.
Linked here is a general outline of this systems approach to physics and cosmology that can be read and understood by the layman. More of Paul’s work can be found at
Model-GHere is a portrait of cross-catalytic reaction that is a central underpinning to LaViolette’s theory.

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