Berto Jongman: CIA on How Israel Got the Nuclear Bomb Materials — and LBJ Covered It Up

08 Proliferation
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

CIA: Mossad agent, Rafi Eitan, “obtained” enriched uranium from the U.S. to produce Israel’s nuclear bomb

FBI and CIA Documents claim: Israel has achieved the ability to produce a nuclear bomb after receiving approximately 260 kilograms of enriched uranium from the NUMEC plants, owned by the Jewish-American Zalman Shapiro. According to his testimony in 1981, Karl Dukat, who was Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency stated: “when Richard Helms, CIA director, passed on the evaluation of this important intelligence to President Lyndon Johnson, the President told Helms: Do not tell anyone what you reported to me, not to Dean Rusk (then Secretary of State) or Bob McNamara (then Secretary of Defense). Contacts at  NUMEC at the time were Rafi Eitan (then head of the Bureau of Scientific Relations) and Avraham Shalom Bendor, later head of the Shin Bet.”

Read full story, many details and notes.

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