Information Operations Newsletter Vol 13 No 06

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ARSTRAT IO Newsletter
ARSTRAT IO Newsletter


Articles in this issue are:

1.      A Cyber-Survivable Military
2.      Redefining Information Operations
3.      Command and Control Vulnerabilities to Communications Jamming
4.      China's Internet: A Giant Cage
5.      Cat and Mouse: How China Makes Sure Its Internet Abides By the Rules
6.      Assessing The Effects – A Curse Disguised As A Blessing?
7.      Shutting Down the Internet – Thou Shalt Not Kill
8.      Internet Controls in Other Countries
9.      Masters of the Cyber-Universe
10.     The Great Firewall: The Art of Concealment
11.     Electronic Warfare: The Ethereal Future of Battle
12.     Why China Is Reading Your Email
13.     Making Strategic Sense of Cyber Power: Why the Sky Is Not Falling
14.     Six U.S. Air Force Cyber Tools Designated As ‘Weapons'
15.     Mexican Social Network Manager Quits Post amid Threats from Drug Traffickers
16.     U.S. Military Working to Integrate Cyber Weapons into Commanders' Arsenals
17.     The Explosive Effects of Rumors in Syria and Insurgencies around the World
18.     North Korea’s Threats, Campy Videos Drawing Internet Attention
19.     Socialism and the Global Information War
20.     Training the CAPOC Soldier
21.     Combat on the Online Battlefield
22.     New Cyber Rules Put Combat Decisions in Soldiers’ Hands
23.     Cyber Warriors Association Points to Evolving Battlefield
24.     Is Cyber War the New Cold War?
25.     Air Force and Army Disclose Budget for Hacking Operations
26.     Military Photographers Ready to Deploy Around the Globe
27.     Air Force Academy Wins NSA Cyber Defense Title
28.     How People in the Middle East Actually Use Social Media
29.     New Electronic Warfare Tool Offers Innovative Approach
30.     Jihadi Twitter activism – Introduction
31.     SPAWAR Leadership on Information Warfare and the Growing Cyber Threat
32.     Pentagon Paying China — Yes, China — To Carry Data

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