John Robb: Open Source Warfare Never Goes Away (Right) — Boston Bombing Was Open Source Warfare (Wrong) + Boston Bombing RECAP

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John Robb
John Robb

OPEN SOURCE WARFARE never goes away

Boston is a reminder that:  Open source warfare doesn't ever go away.

It can be revived with a terrible suddenness, as we saw at the Boston Marathon.

The grievances and motivations  for attacks never die.  They can always find a corner of the Web to fester and grow, in groups too tiny to ever control.

The information needed to conduct attacks will always be available, and with each round of incidents, the information improves through testing.

Due to excessive industrial urbanization, the targets both in terms of people and infrastructure are thick on the ground.

Any single attack has the potential to ignite a series of additional attacks by other groups with similar, but different, motives.

Due to technological and behavioral factors, the quality of the attacks can better very quickly once a a conflict ignites.  Weeks can yield significant progress instead of years.

Phi Beta Iota:  The above is quite correct, but the intended connection to the Boston Bombings is completely wrong.  Governments that are legitimate and that are perceived by the majority of the population to be legitimate have the earned privilege of being able to address bad actors as a minority.  Despite all the tribulations faced by the US public, the US Government still has a semblance of legitimacy among the larger public (including Phi Beta Iota).  Three sets of patsies have been produced so far, and a fourth is probably in the making, claiming that the two US-Chechnyans were a cover for action for a more evil Saudi-based set of “professional” performers.  This simply is not credible.  The FBI has failed to produce the fundamentals: a grid square depiction of the bomb areas with head and shoulders photos of every person there, linked to verification of their existence (including full disclosure on all the Reserve bums and private military contractors), and in the case of injuries, linked to verifiable photos of the injuries, the extracted shrapnel, and the current status of all dead and wounded.  The current claim of over 20 amputations is simply not credible and has not been documented to any standard at all.  The media is playing the party line, and the public is ignoring all of the anomalies as well as the lack of follow-up evidence.

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