Neal Rauhauser: Isolating Current Conversations in E-Relations

Neal Rauhauser
Neal Rauhauser

Yesterday after I posted Exploring e-International Relations I kept digging. I visited the LinkedIn profiles I had and found half a dozen additional people by using the “also viewed” column on the right. One of them responded to my request to connect, so I should be able to see the whole group fairly soon.

Having had such poor luck yesterday with an automatic method I went at it in manual mode – I looked through the followers of a few of the smaller accounts and I noticed a ‘team members’ list on the @e_IR role account. This put me in a position to see what they’re up to:

First, I loaded the e-IR-Twitter file into Maltego. This file contains both e-IR people and their close associates, so I selected just the staff by picking the entities tagged with a yellow star, one of five available ‘colors’ that can be used to tag groups of entities. Once I had the right group selected I pulled all of their tweets, and then all of the associated hashtags. The clusters around the edges are a Twitter account, it’s tweets, and then a more sparse sprinkle of hashtags.

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