Owl: Public Awake, Major Media Shredded — the Revolution IS Being Televised!

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Who? Who?

Blogger Jon Rappoport offers penetrating insight into the on-going implosion of image-based mass media, and it's good news for truth (emphasis mine):

“Television news is shriveling. And it’s under attack from a new breed. You can call them counter-programmers, video freaks, whatever.  But they’re winning. Every dollar and inch of technology the networks employ move toward an irrefutable image on the screen. “Here it is. Look.”  And counter-programmers say, “Look again. See those guys in the yellow jackets standing right near the bomb when it goes off? They don’t move at all. They’re fine.” There is something very powerful in that response, because people are addicted to images. When the image you’re watching blows up, because somebody forces you to see something new, you start to wake up and effect a cure, even if you don’t want to. Image-addiction is sacred to people…

Of course, the networks are unwilling to admit mistakes or lies. But at another level, this is television’s unwillingness to injure the medium itself and what it does. “We showed you all those images and we burned them into your brains, to program you, and now we’re going to say that was an illusion?” Never happens. The people who own and run television never turn around, on a huge story, and endanger their medium by admitting that the images were deceptions. Because they’re drug dealers, and their drug is Image. Why do the networks lay on those interminable news-talk programs, with hosts and guests? Why don’t they consign them to radio? Because people want to see the participants talk. Image. “Here, let’s sit down and watch these six people talk. Let’s see what they look like when they talk.” “I love watching Chris Matthews talk.” Now, when a person gets on (Internet) TV and blows up major media and exposes it and tears it from stem to stern, that’s different. That’s counter-programming. People start to come out of a dream-state and realize they’re finally watching something they’ve been longing for:

“Here’s a television image. See it? It’s a lie. It’s not what you think it is. Let’s do this in slow motion, one frame at a time. Look at the corner over there. Do you see the yellow glare suddenly appearing at the top of the screen? Just beyond the plume of smoke? At the top left? That yellow glare isn’t connected to the burning fertilizer factory in the center of the screen. It’s separate! It’s coming in from the left. And then, less than a second later, the whole building explodes! See it? So what was that glare at the top left? Think about it. Consider the possibilities. For example, the burning building wouldn’t have blown up all on its own…something came in from the left and blew it up…” Taking an image apart. It’s the beginning of the end of television. And that’s exactly what’s happening now, 24/7, wherever videos are posted on the Net. The assault is well underway. “Look at that gas mask on the ground behind the Aurora theater. Who does it belong to? Was a second shooter wearing it? And there on the pavement, is that a trail of blood leading into the theater?” Don’t worry about the fact that some of these counter-programmers are making mistakes or unwarranted leaps of judgment. The overall force is taking down television. Impaling it on its own sword: image.”


Consensus shredded; major media up against the wall

Phi Beta Iota:  Owl is referring to Joe Trippi's excellent first book, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Revised Ed: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything (Harper, 2008).  As the full blog makes clear, with extracts above from Owl with Owl's emphasis, what has happened is that in being a full partner in a  false flag terrorism event, broadcast media has given the public — with its Internet and related digital tools — a complete record of treason in action.  We never anticipated this.  The revolution has begun, the public is awakening, and it IS being televised!

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