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This is what NATO and Africa Command call their J-2 over-arching concept.  It is a useful concept, although it needs to be taken several steps further and also needs to be properly funded.  Right now it is a shadow puppet that lacks proper multi-lingual multinational sourcing, processing, and analysis, both human and machine.  Our over-arching concept for is shown here to the left, along with the existing old concept.

INTELLIGENCE is decision-support.  If it is not tailored to and timely enough to support a specific decision, it is not intelligence.  If it lacks integrity in the over-all process of collection (e.g. excluding open sources and sources in languages neither CIA nor DoD can handle), in processing (e.g. not processing 95% of the relevant signals and failing to use drones for imagery integration), or analysis (e.g. failing to do outreach to the other seven tribes and the multinationals), it is not intelligence.

KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT  is the combination of increased INTER-DISCIPLINARY (all-source) subject matter expertise, and the increased INTER-DOMAIN (academic disciplines) in tandem, such that the individual is increasingly competent and even imaginative and original in applying what they know to leverage what can be known from others.  It is the foundation for effective INTELLIGENCE.

OSINT and Four Quadrants J-2 High JPEGKNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT is an emerging concept that is still rooted in internal DATA MINING and barely into social media integration, while ignoring most external data and not yet achieving ORGANIZATIONAL INTELLIGENCE.  The graphic illustrates the four quadrants.  In advanced theory, not yet in the schoolbooks, KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT assures every individual in the organization or network access to all relevant information (internal and external) — and the tools with which to make sense of that information in real time.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE is data mining against internal known data.  It is not possible to do effective data mining when you have over 80 stove-pipe systems and over 2,500 compartments, many offline.  The word “intelligence” should not be associated with data mining, that is a corruption of the term.

SECRETS are classified information, nothing more.

INFORMATION is aggregated data in isolation, absent a holistic analytic model of human post-processing toward relevancy.

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