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OSC = Open Source Everything

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M4IS2 = Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary Multidomain Information-Sharing & Sense-Making

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Phi Beta Iota Editorial Selections:

1976-2013: Analytic, Methodological, & Technical Models

2013 Healing the Americas with an Open Source Agency

2013 Robert Steele Overview & Workshop 2.6

2013 Robert Steele in HighGainBlog on Open and Secret Intelligence

2013 From Information Pathologies to Organizational Intelligence — Why Predictive Analytics on Industrial Era Data is Fraud, Waste, & Abuse

2013 Robert Steele: Reflections on Lincoln, Principle, Compromise, Autonomous Internet & Citizen Intelligence / Counter-Intelligence 2.0 with Meta-RECAP

Anthony Judge: The Cognitive Glass Ceiling — Enabling Questions, Challenged Audiences — Psychic Numbing and the Need for a Transformation of HOW We Think

CIA’s CTO Gus Hunt On Big Data: We ‘Try To Collect Everything And Hang Onto It Forever’ — And a Few Things Most CTOs Do Not Compute

Graphic: OSE M4IS2 Logo & The Game Plan

INTERVIEW: Open Everything – with Robert David STEELE Vivas UPDATED to Add Parts V and VI

John Robb: Cyber-War with China — Wrong Answer (and Robert Steele with Better Answer)


Open Source Agency Executive Access Point

Open Source Everything Manifesto: Extracts

Open Source List & Book

Review (Fiction): Truce – The Day the World Was Perfect

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SmartPlanet: The $10 Cell Phone Has Arrived….Plus Open Cell Meta-RECAP

Stuart Umpleby: US Making Strategic Mistake in Science and Management Education — Robert Steele Connects to OSA, OSE, & M4IS2

Theophillis Goodyear: Open Source as Enabler of Integrity

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