Theophillis Goodyear: Alan Nordstrom on What Wisdom Requires

Culture, Ethics
Theophillis Goodyear
Theophillis Goodyear

A very concise and salient, 213 word essay on wisdom, by Alan Nordstrom:

What Wisdom Requires

eight high points:

1. regulate our behavior sanely and rationally

2. comprehend the consequences of our decisions and customs

3. practice kindness toward others who are similarly struggling to thrive

4. practice humane behavior and transcend the brute instinct to conquer and dominate

5. act according to the principle of kinship and reciprocity: treat others as one wishes to be treated

6. act according to the principle of cooperation and partnership rather than conquest

7. cultivate the higher-order intellectual potential that human beings possess

8. manifest truth, beauty, and goodness

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