Eagle: China Deepens Control in Argentina

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

I’ll bet that this one didn’t get much air time, if any, on SeeBS, CNoNews, Faux News or any of the other lamestream media, and it’s yet another sign of geopolitical and economic realignment underway:

China to the rescue of Argentina with a 10 billion dollars equivalent swap

This is one that requires a lot of reading between the lines, and I’m probably not any closer to the tea leaves on this one than anyone else, except on one very important thing: Argentina, like the other South American countries, has been persistenly and consistently under the economic and geopolitical thumb of big brother to the north for a long time. Indeed, the USA and its financial oligarchs have been treating South America as a kind of second class collection of “states” or colonies for some time, and particularly since the end of World War Two. The emergence of the BRICSA nations, and Brazil’s central role in it, has begun the decoupling process, a process that will go on for a long time.

So that brings us to the other great South American power, Argentina, and to President Cristina Fernandez, and to this article. I suspect that the tea leaves one needs to read are most prominent in the first and last paragraphs:

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