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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

The Sharing Economy is Exploding: Knok’s 7 Key Factors Why Home Swap is the Perfect Example of a Sharing Service

Knok, the fastest growing home exchange community, shows that house swapping is the perfect example of collaborative consumption.

(PRWEB) May 08, 2013

This year has seen the consolidation of the sharing economy and several conferences around this theme confirm it. In April, 150 sharing economy leaders joined author and organizer Lisa Gansky in San Francisco for Let's Mesh. In May, the OuiShareFest in Paris brought together over 500 people from all over Europe, and in June, the sharing economy is Le Web’s theme for its London event.

After the output of these events and the discussions on the future of the sharing economy with practitioners around the world, Knok has created a list of the 7 most relevant reasons why home exchange is a great example of a collaborative consumption business:

1.    Home exchange fosters “access over ownership”: long gone are the days when you needed to buy an apartment on the beach for your summer vacation. You can now travel around the world for free, swapping your home, and staying each time in a different place.
2.    Ideal goods to be shared are those which lay idle, unused; every family leaves the home empty when going on holidays, so house swap opens up a value that can be used by other families.
3.    Cooperative gaining is key; doing a home swap benefits both parties, it’s a true win-win situation.
4.    Trust is the new currency, and Knok offers a home swap insurance that covers both homes within an exchange, anywhere in the world.
5.    Sharing is everywhere, and so is home exchange: apart from Europe and North America, house swapping is growing in Brasil, Argentina, India, or Morocco, with an annual growth ratio of +100% on average.
6.    Sharing is for all ages: seniors, young couples, families with kids, groups of friends, or single freelancers use home exchange for different reasons (vacation, work from abroad, etc.) but with one common benefit: reducing the cost of the traveling accommodation to zero.
7.    Abundance revealed: society will be richer by sharing. Citizens will enjoy better, longer, more sustainable and fulfilling vacations by home swapping.

The sharing economy will continue rising in 2013, and will eventually tip a cultural change where sharing is the new normal.

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