SchwartzReport: Obama Approves Radical Increase in “Acceptable” Radiation Exposure; Opting Out of Wall Street; and Algae-Powered Urban Building


schwartz reportYou read reports like this one and you realize once again how big a disconnect there is between what Obama and his administration say, and what they actually do. That a Republican administration would have been even worse is small comfort. As these sorts of acts make cl! ear both are corrupt and more interested in representing their corporate masters, then representing the best interests of the American people.

Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water
Staff of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility – Global Research

If you read SR regularly you know my views on the importance of creating Thriving and Resilient Communities if the middle class is to preserve a decent quality of life. Here is an excellent essay on alternatives to a world dominated by corporate special interests. This is good news

Opting Out of Wall Street and Building Sustainable, Resilient Communities: Remaking Finance

It can be done. We can build a different kind of world. It is not technology but attitude that has to change. As you read this contrast it with the piece on North Carolina in yesterday’s edition.
Click through to see the pictures of the apartment building.

Algae-powered Apartment Complex Blooms in Hamburg
MATT HICKMAN – Mother Nature Network

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